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Magical Winter Weddings

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Snow is falling, hot cocoa is brewing, and wedding bells are ringing! The holidays and winter are some of the most wonderful times of the year and can be a perfect time to tie the knot. If you are a bride that loves the colder season and is looking to have a winter wedding, here are some important considerations for planning your big day:

Union Hill Inn during a winter wedding.

Keep warm with fur throws and blankets.

Location & Venue Considerations

With the magic of winter snow and colder weather, comes some important considerations about where to have your winter wedding. Travel can be a bit precarious depending on the winter weather. Keep in mind travel time for guests and how easy or difficult it may be for them to get to your venue. When building your wedding timeline, try to factor in potential delays due to winter travel. For example, if your venue is going to have snow, it will be important to convey that information to guests so that they can plan accordingly. It might also be ideal to have your ceremony and reception venues in the same location or near each other to avoid any travel mishaps. The holidays may be difficult to work around so take a look at a calendar and check what dates may work between major winter holidays like Christmas and New Years. On the bright side, since winter is usually considered the “off-season” for weddings, when choosing your winter location be sure to take advantage of discounts where applicable! Some venues and vendors may offer special discounts or packages for winter weddings that can save you a great deal.

Have a Plan B – Just in Case

If you’re hosting a winter wedding, it’s important to be prepared for bad weather but try to remember you can’t control the weather and even if weather doesn’t go your way, that you have a plan ready! Work with your wedding coordinator on a back-up plan for your big day. Perhaps there is an indoor area to move guests to, extra outdoor heaters that can be brought out, or having umbrellas out just in case of inclement weather. You may have to move your wedding timeline for the day around which is fine if you have a plan in place. Despite the chaos that can come with unexpected winter wedding quirks, be sure to relax and know that things will come together.

Indulge in the Romance of Winter

My favorite part of winter weddings are the little touches in décor such as the snowy winter photos and endless photo opportunities with winter florals and furs. I had one wedding that had an ornament guest book that guests signed so that the couple can put them up on the tree every Christmas. You can go a variety of ways with your décor and theme for a winter wedding! There are a lot of great ideas online. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to go with a super Christmas theme, unless you want to! The snow and the dew of the winter season makes for adorable opportunities for elegant color schemes with furs and sparkles, or even for a rustic woodland theme complete with a hot cocoa bar. Also, the sun is not as glaring in the winter so you can work with your photographer with the romantic wintry lighting. Keep in mind though – it gets darker earlier in winter and plan your photos and wedding activities accordingly.

Once you’ve worked with your coordinator and planned the logistics of travel and plan B’s for your winter wedding, you can get to the fun part of planning the decorative touches! Get creative with the colors and options that a winter wedding lends itself to. I suggest cuddling up with a hot cup of hot cocoa and a cozy blanket to get inspired to plan the magical wintry dream for your big day!

If you’re looking to have a winter wedding and need some help planning, feel free to reach out to me! Good luck!

XO, Jen

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