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The Flower Farm

Est. 2020











The Flower Farm was born in the midst of a pandemic with no weddings in sight. Like most everyone during 2020, I wanted something to do with my time.


Being a florist, I've always had a love for flowers. I've always grown some flowers in my yard and/or greenery to use in weddings, but not on the scale I have today.

I began buying seeds and started adding more flowers to my front yard in April 2020. I became more intrigued with the many possibilities of growing a few of my own flowers for my floral business – The Flower Farm. 

Some flowers don’t ship well to me, so The Flower Farm would give me the opportunity to grow flowers that would be fresher, more specific colors and textures I could use in my work. Between my front yard, side yard and back pasture, I’m growing on about a 1/4 of an acre. I could not be more excited to be able to grow my own flowers for weddings and floral design.

XO,  Jennifer

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