Union Hill

Union Hill Inn has many unique and timeless areas to celebrate your love. We are excited to share with you the newest ceremony location, The Oak! 


With it’s long, low branches, The Oak creates the perfect canopy and woodland backdrop. There is something special about saying your vows under the strong arms of a grand oak tree!


Even though the autumn season signals the coming of winter, we were excited to show off nature’s last show in romantic, golden tones with bright touches. Philosopher Albert Camus said it best, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”


Married under The Oak themselves, newlyweds Lilly and Jake helped us showcase our new favorite tree. They shared with us, “Even though we’re a few short months past our wedding date, the fact that we were able to revisit our favorite memories and relive them all over again was so extremely special. We were able to include our new puppies this time, who we wish we had before our wedding. We could enjoy the luxury of taking our time and being together in the moment while not stressing about getting back to guests and the reception. Our love for each other has grown so much since our wedding day and we can see it so clearly in these photos of our new little family.”